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Field Record

This record contains the information for a Text File field.

Required Minimum Allowed Maximum Allowed
Yes 1 No Limit


  1. Field.Type will always be "FIELD".
  2. If either of Field.List or Field.StringRegex has data, then the other must not have data.
  3. If any of Field.Start, Field.Width, Field.Alignment or Field.FillCharacter has data, then the others must have data.
  4. If Field.DataType = "DATE TIME" then Field.DateTimeFormat must have data.
  5. If the Field Record's parent Record.IsHeader equals "YES", then Field.DataType must equal "STRING" and Field.StringRegex must limit the string to a single specific character string. Ex.: "^header_name$"


Type=FIELD,ID=7,Name=Display Name,Annotation=,Position=4,ParentID=3,Required=YES,HasData=ALWAYS,MinimumLength=3,MaximumLength=63,DataType=STRING,DateTimeFormat=,ListID=,StringRegex=,NumericMinimumValue=,NumericMaximumValue=,Start=,Width=,Alignment=,FillCharacter=,Sample=Chris Green

Field Name Field Index Has Data
Type 1 Always
ID 2 Always
Name 5 Optional
Annotation 6 Optional
Position 18 Always
ParentID 19 Always
Required 20 Always
HasData 21 Always
MinimumLength 32 Optional
MaximumLength 33 Optional
DataType 34 Always
DateTimeFormat 35 Conditional
ListID 36 Conditional
StringRegex 37 Conditional
NumericMinimumValue 38 Conditional
NumericMaximumValue 39 Conditional
Start 40 Conditional
Width 29 Conditional
Alignment 41 Conditional
FillCharacter 42 Conditional
Sample 43 Optional
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