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Record Record

This record contains the information for a Text File record.

Required Minimum Allowed Maximum Allowed
Yes 1 No Limit


  1. Record.Type will always be "RECORD".
  2. If either of Record.KeyField or Record.ParentKeyField has data, then the other must have data.
  3. If either of Record.RecordIDPosition or Record.RecordIDValue has data, then the other must have data.
  4. If Meta.FieldIDMethod equals "HEADER", then there must exist 1, and only 1, Record Record in the Text File Schema Definition where Record.IsHeader equals "YES"
  5. If Record.IsHeader equals "YES", then either Record.RecordIDPosition or Record.RecordRow must have data.


Type=RECORD,ID=5,Name=Price,Annotation=,Position=3,ParentID=4,Required=YES,HasData=ALWAYS,MinimumAllowed=1,MaximumAllowed=,KeyField=16,ParentKeyField=11,RecordIDPosition=17,RecordIDValue=NOT EMPTY,RecordRow=,Width=,IsHeader=NO,TrailingDelimiter=,,,

Field Name Field Index Has Data
Type 1 Always
ID 2 Always
Name 5 Optional
Annotation 6 Optional
Position 18 Always
ParentID 19 Always
Required 20 Always
HasData 21 Always
MinimumAllowed 22 Always
MaximumAllowed 23 Optional
KeyField 24 Conditional
ParentKeyField 25 Conditional
RecordIDPosition 26 Optional
RecordIDValue 27 Optional
RecordRow 28 Optional
Width 29 Conditional
IsHeader 30 Always
TrailingDelimiter 31 Always
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