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Rule Record

This record contains the information for rules between Text File records or Text File fields.

Required Minimum Allowed Maximum Allowed
No None No Limit


  1. Rule.Type will always be "RULE".
  2. If Rule.HypothesisOperator equals "CONTAINS", "EQUALS", "BEGINS WITH" or "ENDS WITH" then Rule.HypothesisListID must have data.
  3. If Rule.ConclusionOperator equals "CONTAINS", "EQUALS", "BEGINS WITH" or "ENDS WITH" then Rule.ConclusionListID must have data.


Type=RULE,ID=34,Name=UPS Notes,"Annotation=If the ShipMethod starts with UPS, then PackingInstructions must have data",Position=1,Level=FIELD,HypothesisID=11,HypothesisOperator=STARTS WITH,HypothesisNegation=FALSE,HypothesisListID=30,ConclusionID=24,ConclusionOperator=HAS DATA,ConclusionNegation=FALSE,ConclusionListID=,,,,,,,

Field Name Field Index Has Data
Type 1 Always
ID 2 Always
Name 5 Optional
Annotation 6 Optional
Position 18 Always
Level 45 Always
HypothesisID 47 Always
HypothesisOperator 48 Always
HypothesisNegation 49 Always
HypothesisListID 50 Optional
ConclusionID 51 Always
ConclusionOperator 52 Always
ConclusionNegation 53 Always
ConclusionListID 54 Optional
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